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Screen Shots

This application can be used to track the coins in your collection or inventory and provide a handy printout of each entry or the entire collection. This printout can then be use reference at coin shows, swap meets, or as required insurance companies.

Features of the Coin Vault

Browse by Coin ID

Browse by Country

Browse by Denomination

Browse by Hold, Sell or Sold

Browse by Source

Browse by Type

Browse by Year

Easy data entry

Easy edit of coin record

Easy viewing of entered records

Easy printing of a single coin record

Allows inclusion of digital picture of the coin in record

Calculates length of time coin held and profit

Reports of all coins in the vault sorted by ID, Country, Denomination, Hold, Source, Type or Year.

This program runs under Windows 95 thru Windows 10

This software comes pre-loaded on a 8GB Flash Drive Preloaded with PortableApps Flash Drive Platform

This complete platform on a flash drive system allows you to copy all your work and/or personal files to the device. Then what ever computer you go to you'll have all the files and programs you need to work on with you.

Loaded Programs run on the flash drive, not on the other computer hard drive so that your programs operate on any Windows based computer you plug the unit into.

The PortableApps Platform is a menu driven operating system containing the following Open Source software

OpenOffice.Org Portable (office suite)

Writer (word processor)

Calc (spreadsheet)

Impress (presentations)

Base (database utility)

Draw (drawing)

Mozilla Firefox Portable web browser

Mozilla Thunderbird Portable email program

Mozilla Sunbird Portable calendar/taks

ClamWin Portable antivirus

Pidgin Portable instant messaging

Sumatra Portable PDF reader

KeePass Password manager

Sudoku Portable game

Mines Perfect Portable game

CoolPlayer Plus Portable audio player

Includes instructions to add and remove your programs to the PortableApps Platform.

Flash Drive information

Ultra Slim USB Flash Drive offers you ample portable storage with a 8GB capacity; that’s enough for thousands of MP3 songs, hours of video, or library’s worth of documents.

It features a Covered USB connector to protect your hardware and data.

Key Features:

8GB capacity

Covered USB connector

Color and style of flash drive may vary

This Flash drive and software is for the Windows Operating System and has been tested on Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10.

All coins entered into the Coin Vault database are stored on the flash drive. Carry your collection in your pocket and have it available no matter which computer your working on.

This complete package ready to plug into your computer
 is being offered for only $24.95 plus $2.05 shipping
for US or APO delivery only


International orders please Contact Us for shipping rate to your location

Note:  The PortableApps Program is Open Source software is freely available on the internet, you are paying for the Flash Drive, The Coin Vault software and the configuration of the software contained on the device. Color of Flash Drive my vary.

Warranty provided by Sandisk 2 year limited

The Coin Vault Loaded on 8GB Flash Drive