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After going from doctor to doctor since 2001 trying to find out what was causing Janet's pain, numbness and balance problems we found a doctor in August 2008 that knew what he was doing and believe it or not knew how to read an MRI. His exact words were I bet doctors have been telling you for years, it was all in your head, well I'm here to tell you that it is, it's called MS.

Actually we took the news fairly well, after spending years and thousands on unknown problems, we finally had a name to put on it and treatment options.

I write computer software for law enforcement and collectors of things like coins, stamps and trading cards. which I sell though EBay and my own web site. I also create EBooks which are downloaded read on the computer. One of my current projects is a MS information EBook in the form of a Adobe PDF file that can be read on any computer which is available free of charge.

To view or download the ebook click the link below:

Download Free MS Book in PDF Format

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